Instructor: Eric Smith

Cost: Free


This CETP training manual focuses on the interior of a piping system and the installation of gas appliances. The course addresses selecting and installing appliances, how to design
and install interior venting systems, and designing and installing interior piping and tubing. Students also learn how to perform a pressure test. Topics covered include:

  • Design consideration for gas appliances
  • Designing venting systems
  • Design of interior vapor distribution systems
  • Installing appliances
  • Installing Venting Systems, and much more
  • NFPA 54, 2021 edition
  • NFPA 58, 2020 edition

Requirements for Certification include the following:

  • Prerequisite: 1.0 Certification Completed within 12 months of passing the exam
  • 4.3 Passing score on exam
  • 4.3 Completed Skills Assessment returned to testing center within 12 months of passing the exam