Consumer Safety Materials Program Information


This program is available to the industry statewide and allows for reimbursement for the purchase of PERC produced consumer safety materials to aid Nevada propane marketers in efforts to increase consumer awareness of the safe handling of propane. There is a $500.00 per retail location limit to the program and the safety materials items must have been purchased directly from PERC.

All applications and purchase receipts must be submitted directly to the NPDA for review and approval. Completed and approved applications will have a reimbursement check issued within 60-90 days after the application is received at the NPDA office, subject to available funds. No applicant has a legal right or other entitlement to receive reimbursement under the program or this agreement. A completed application does not bind the NPDA to approve or pay a reimbursement to any applicant.

An applicant or propane marketer may be suspended from or declared ineligible to participate in the reimbursement program if the NPDA determines that the applicant or propane marketer has submitted false information or otherwise violated program terms and conditions. Within 30 days after NPDA suspends or declares an applicant or propane marketer ineligible, the applicant or propane marketer may appeal the action by submitting the appeal in writing to the NPDA. Actions taken by the NPDA with respect to the appeal will be final. An applicant or propane marketer who submits false information pertinent to a rebate is subject to criminal and civil penalties including U.S. Mail fraud.

The program will be in place until December 31, 2015 or until such time that all funds have been depleted. The payment of a rebate under the program or this agreement is subject to available funds.

Download the application.

Qualifying materials are listed below. All materials can be purchased from the under Safety & Training.

•   PRC-000075: Carbon Monoxide Brochure
•   PRC-006500: Community Bulk Plant Brochure
•   PRC-001444: Container Shut-Off Tyvek Tag
•   PRC-001400: Container Shut-off Valve Warning Label
•   PRC-006505: CSST Consumer Information Brochure
•   PRC-000017: Important Propane Safety Information for Users of Small Cylinders Brochure
•   PRC-003121: Important Propane Safety Information for You and Your Family Brochure
•   PRC-03121S: Important Propane Safety Information for You and Your Family brochure - SPANISH
•   PRC-001550: Metered System Shut-Off Valve Label
•   PRC-001555: Metered System Shut-Off Valve Tyvek Tag
•   PRC-000180: Natural Disasters Brochure: Earthquakes
•   PRC-000130: Natural Disasters Brochure: Floods
•   PRC-000100: Natural Disasters Brochure: Hurricane
•   PRC-000170: Natural Disasters Brochure: Power Outages
•   PRC-000150: Natural Disasters Brochure: Thunderstorms
•   PRC-000140: Natural Disasters Brochure: Tornadoes
•   PRC-000110: Natural Disasters Brochure: Wildfires
•   PRC-000120: Natural Disasters Brochure: Winter Storms
•   PRC-000160: Natural Disasters Brochures: Extreme Heat
•   PRC-008600: Propane and Your Recreational Vehicle (RV) Brochure
•   PRC-000095: Propane Kids Coloring Book
•   PRC-005606: Propane Safety Booklet
•   PRC-05606S: Propane Safety Booklet - SPANISH
•   PRC-000019: Unsafe Appliance/Component Tag
•   PRC-000500: Warning Call Tag